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Blake Vigna

My passion for real estate stems from an interest in construction and remodeling. Growing up in the Midwest, I watched my parents build and renovate the homes we lived in. They inspired me to build bird houses and tree houses with a set of tools I collected from my father and grandfathers. To pay for college, I had a house painting business with some friends during the summers, and painted apartments for a management company the rest of the year. I attended the University of Missouri, where I earned degrees in Finance and Real Estate as an undergraduate, and later a master's degree in Business Administration.

Remodeling my own homes in my early 20s set me on the path to understanding real estate investment. With my eyes wide open, I gained experience in real estate appraisal, property management and brokerage. Pursuing love and adventure, I moved to Portland's Hawthorne neighborhood in 1995. Today I'm enjoying raising my teenage girls, coaching softball, organizing camping trips, biking and practicing yoga.

With over 27 years of experience in the real estate industry, and with hundreds of clients happy in their homes and secure in their investments, I am energized about the future. I want to share my own nuggets of insight with you. I can draw on my experience in brokerage, appraisal, property management, home ownership, remodeling, and service to clients and community, to help you find yourself in the perfect space.


Let's get started!

“Blake is very knowledgeable in the buying and selling process. His expertise and high level of customer service provided me valuable peace of mind in a complicated and potentially stressful process.”

— Tim, NE Portland, Mt. Tabor

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